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The Tank is a heavy armored fighting vehicle added to the game in Alpha 0.11. It is a mid-game weapon with two guns; an integrated Submachine gun and a powerful cannon that uses cannon shells.

Since Engine units can only be built in Assembling machines, Tanks (like Cars) may not be built from by hand from their raw materials.


Main article: Achievements

The tank is directly connected to the following achievement:

Destroy 10 spawners by impact.


The tank is a strong fighting vehicle due to its large health pool and the very high damage of its main weapon, the cannon. Additionally, due to the ability to employ drones within the vehicle, it can be used as a form of drone or capsule transport vehicle, with the player simply using capsules to fight their battles. The tank particularly shines in battle against Worms, as their unavoidable projectiles are much less of a problem for an entity with a high health pool.

The tank lags behind in speed, however, compared to the player and the car. As a result, it may not perform as well in combat against melee enemies or enemies with shorter range than the player, as it has more difficulty dodging enemies. This may result in the tank being destroyed quickly, leaving the player in a tight spot.


The tank is very robust, and unlike the car can move through and destroy trees with near impunity, though forward momentum is required to do so. This can also be employed as a weapon against Enemies, although certain enemies and structures (nests in particular) will deal high damage to the tank in the process.

The tank is slower than the car, but the freedom of being able to traverse tree-filled areas easily makes it a preferred vehicle among many players for exploring lands abroad.

Capsules and Bots integration

Capsules can be used while inside the tank, including combat robots. Construction robots, including those from a personal roboport within range of the tank will repair damage if repair packs are available. Also, Logistic robots can still refill the player's inventory. This can be very useful for reloading as new ammo dropped off to a player driving the tank will first be loaded into the tank if space is available.

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