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About the ratio edit

It's not correct as it stands. The article says "factories", and a "factory" is the black box where the corresponding item pops out. How the factory achieves this, and what's inside that factory, isn't relevant. So the ratio change is wrong. A ratio of 5:6:5 (green factories:red factories:blue factories) was and is correct for this point of view.

If you change "factory" into "assembling machine", it would be correct, because you need green assembling machines to produce red circuits. So the new ratio 6:5:5 is correct for (green assembling machines:red assembling machines:blue assembling machines). If seen this way, all assembling machines define one big blue factory and no separate green or red factories.

Since the articles about the other circuits also speak of factories and don't count the intermediates needed within them (otherwise you need more copper cable factories for the advanced circuit), I suggest to revert to the previous ratio to keep things consistent. One doesn't always build green circuits on the spot within a red or blue circuit factory - often if not usually it comes preproduced from a bus, outside the "factory". Tertius3 (talk) 14:37, 4 April 2022 (UTC)