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Storage is a concept, about storing enormous masses of items. Under normal circumstances, you don't need to store many items. Especially in the beginning game every item counts and that means, you should try to keep the ways short (belts store a serious amount of items) and don't use chests so much. Instead, you should keep the items in flow, pass them as fast as possible/affordable from production step to the next step to create higher leveled items, instead of storing it.

So, when speaking from storages, we mean concepts, which are really needed to keep the production in flow. Some of them work only together with Logistic network. Most used for:


  • Storage/Stack: a stack is the basic element to store items.
  • Chests: the most obvious storage.
    • smart chest
    • logistic chests
      • usage of the storage chest
  • Vehicle: vehicles can store a significant amount of items
    • Car: the car has a very huge inventory
    • Cargo wagon: stores about 1000 resource-items.
  • Transport belts: The amount of items on a transport belt can be astonishing high, calculate with 7 items per tile! Especially at train stations and in production streets this must be taken into account. Splitters and underground belts can be also used as storage. Splitters have a special behavior, which makes them well useable as storage at train stations (fast in, slow out), while underground belts don't take away space.

Layout types

Simple buffers

  • belt, inserter, chest
  • limit number of stored items (stack reduction & circuit network)
  • splitter cascade

Production buffers

  • Belts
they store about 72 items per 10 belts (both sides of the belt lane used
  • Chests with stack limitation/stack reduction
There is a big red cross in the inventory view. Press this and move the limit-marker to the wanted amount of stacks, which can be filled by inserter/logistic bots.
  • Chests with circuit network
  • Smart chests with logistic network

Train station with belts

Train station with logistic network

Other buffers with logistic networks





Special behavior


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