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Rocket rush

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Rocket rush is a gameplay scenario that shares the common Freeplay goal of launching a rocket, but with all research unlocked and an opportunity to choose from a large pool of starting equipment.

Rocket rush can be played single player or multiplayer with a team.


After choosing your preferred map generation settings, the player begins the scenario in a small room called the Market.


The player is provided 10,000 coins (which must be retrieved from the chests in the middle of the room) to purchase any items they wish to start the scenario with. Once the player is satisfied with their starting equipment, they must proceed to the launch pad at the bottom of the room. Once the player enters the launch pad, and waits for 15 seconds, they are transported to the play map with all their purchased equipment. Once on the play map, the player is unable to return to the Market.

In addition to the equipment purchased with the 10,000 coins, the player is also provided the following equipment immediately at the start in the Market:

Market item costs

Item-group logistics.png

Item Cost Quantity Max quantity
Wooden chest 40 20 250

Scenario victory

Launch a rocket! Manufactured the normal way from control units, rocket fuel, and low density structure. A satellite is not required.

Item-group logistics.png
Item-group production.png
Item-group intermediate products.png
Item-group military.png
20 Wooden chest for 40 coins
Iron chest
Steel chest
Storage tank
Transport belt
Fast transport belt
Express transport belt
Underground belt
Fast underground belt
Express underground belt
Fast splitter
Express splitter
Burner inserter
Long-handed inserter
Fast inserter
Filter inserter
Stack inserter
Stack filter inserter
Small electric pole
Medium electric pole
Big electric pole
Pipe to ground
Train stop
Rail signal
Rail chain signal
Cargo wagon
Fluid wagon
Artillery wagon
Spidertron remote
Logistic robot
Construction robot
Active provider chest
Passive provider chest
Storage chest
Buffer chest
Requester chest
Red wire
Green wire
Arithmetic combinator
Decider combinator
Constant combinator
Power switch
Programmable speaker
Stone brick
Hazard concrete
Refined concrete
Refined hazard concrete
Cliff explosives