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Rocket part/infobox

Rocket parts are created inside of the rocket silo. Each completed part contributes 1% towards the completion of the rocket. Once all 100 rocket parts have been completed the rocket silo will display a rocket ready to be launched within the silo and the rocket silo interface will contain a LAUNCH button. Before launching, a satellite can be placed into the rocket.

Building the Rocket

The rocket needs 100 parts; each part needs 3 ingredients; those ingredients need other ingredients; etc. In total, one rocket(sans satellite) will need 100 rocket parts, aka the following raw resources(In manual crafting):

Note: To win the game (or to update the Rockets Sent counter in the left top), you additionally need a satellite. When you hover over it, it mentions the "total raw" already. However, this does not include the material needed for Processing Units, Batteries and Steel since these are seen as "raw ingredients" (they cannot be crafted by hand). Still, you can't make a battery (or steel, or processing units) without iron plates, so you still need to mine the ore.

Added up together, each complete rocket launched will cost(In manual crafting raw resources):

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