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''For discussions about this article, please use [http://www.factorioforums.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=678 this forum thread]!
''For discussions about this article, please use [http://www.factorioforums.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=678 this forum thread]!
For future releases, refer to [[Roadmap/Coming Releases]].<br>
For future releases, refer to [[Roadmap]].<br>
For detailed information about version changes, refer to [[Version history]].
For detailed information about version changes, refer to [[Version history]].

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< Roadmap | History

This article gives short descriptions of past releases.

For discussions about this article, please use this forum thread!

For future releases, refer to Roadmap.
For detailed information about version changes, refer to Version history.

Factorio 0.16 (December 13th 2017)

  • More high res stuff
  • New terrain generation
  • Belt-optimizations
  • Artillery train
  • General update optimizations
  • Allow loading games with different mod settings (and automatically download the mods if necessary)
  • More mini-tutorials

Factorio 0.15 (April 24th 2017)

  • Nuclear power
  • Blueprint preservation (Export/import blueprints)
  • Update optimizations (belts + pipes)
  • Research Revolution
  • Combat balance
  • New 3x2 boiler
  • New terrain (red desert biome)
  • Liquid wagon + universal barrelling
  • Map interaction improvements, map tags and 'zoom to map'
  • High res graphics introduction (This means just some parts of the game will be in high res in this version)
  • Circuit network additions, improvements and optimizations
  • Scenario pack extension - Wave defense and PvP scenario
  • First set of interactive mini tutorials

Factorio 0.14 (August 26th 2016)

  • Multiplayer production polish (move from "usable if you try hard and overlook imperfections" to "just works")
  • Modding support for equipment grids in vehicles.

Factorio 0.13 (June 27th 2016)

  • Proper tech tree.
  • Second part of the circuit network extension (power switch, gate, train station, accumulator and logistic network integration to circuit network)
  • Additional train conditions (wait until full, wait until empty, wait until circuit condition)
  • Flamethrower turret
  • Fire (forests can catch on fire)
  • Basic Multiplayer matching server (allow listing running MP games via a central location)
  • Better rail building
  • Better train managing possibilities.
  • Modules in blueprints.
  • Centralized mod portal and its integration in the game
  • Train graphics and vertical/horizontal discrepancy fix.
  • Achievements
  • Stack inserter

Factorio 0.12 (July 17th 2015)

  • Multiplayer enhancements (lag hiding, better pvp/forces support, IPv6 support, DNS names).
  • First part of the endgame content. (Build rocket and send it to space).
  • Chain signals (trains).
  • Combinator and more circuit logic.
  • Personal roboport.
  • Logistic trash fields.
  • First part of nature destruction by pollution (only tree related now).
  • First part of new ambient music update.
  • Optimization of the game simulation speed.
  • New graphics of combat robots.
  • Buildable floors. (concrete + stone)
  • Attempt of steam integration.

Factorio 0.11 (October 31st 2014)

  • Multiplayer for the brave ones.
  • New player graphics (3 versions depending on armor and colored depending on the player color).
  • The first (simple) instance of a tank.
  • Gates.
  • VRAM saving optimization.

Factorio 0.10 (June 6th 2014)

  • Finish the trailer. This is a #1 priority now :) Together with this we will work on presentation (finish new logo, new forum skin, new screenshots on web, credits page in the game).
  • Functional replays. This will be a side-effect of multiplayer efforts.
  • Factory sound background. Entities in the game will have specific sounds that play when player is near.

Factorio 0.9 (February 14th 2013)

  • Blueprints.
  • Oil/Chemicals industry.
  • Biomes and doodads.

Factorio 0.8 (December 6th 2013)

  • Standard Campaign rework.
  • New terrain.
  • Repairing robots (can reconstruct buildings as well)
  • Roboport
  • Map Editor rework

Factorio 0.7 (September 27th 2013)

  • Improved Combat mechanics and modular armors.
  • Pollution.
  • More enemy variety and intelligent enemy behavior.
  • Moddable weapons and attacks.

Factorio 0.6 (July 26th 2013)

  • Better looking terrain.
  • Improvements to the map generator.
  • Map of discovered part of the world.
  • Speed improvements (multithreading).

Factorio 0.5 (June 7th 2013)

  • Automatic Factorio updater
    • no need for manual download anymore
  • Usability improvements
    • better visualisation for building railroads
    • electricity statistics
    • fixes of ongoing bugs
    • loads of small improvements (things like alt info for wagons, easier semaphore building, etc.)
  • Graphics Gui rework
    • the design for the new gui is ready and now it will be implemented
  • Railroads improvements
    • Train path finding uses signals for path recalculation
    • Train can go backwards (when having locomotives on both ends)
    • different Train stops can be merged into one station
  • God mode
    • play without the character

Factorio 0.4 (May 3rd 2013)

  • Game determinism and replay
    • This is a first step towards the multiplayer
    • Involves the replay functionality improvements (pause, fast forward, etc.)
  • First version of the scenario pack
    • There will be three scenarios to start with
  • Trains
    • Originally a stretch goal however we got a lot of requests for this
    • There is already some functionality for the trains in the game and we want to finish it
  • Electricity improvements
    • Accumulator entity
    • Large electric pole
    • Electric substation