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(Factorio 0.13 (2015): Added steam integration announcement.)
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* Better rail building.
* Better rail building.
* Power switches.
* Power switches.
* Steam Integration (February 2016)
'''... [[Roadmap/History|Previous versions]]
'''... [[Roadmap/History|Previous versions]]

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Refer to the Roadmap/History for the past.


The Roadmap has been updated for two releases upfront. Release 0.13 is given without an expected date for obvious reasons :).

Not everything we want to do is there. We'll basically have the main points, of course. Also we can't guarantee we will be able to implement everything we mentioned (golden rule: everything takes longer than expected).


Factorio 0.12 (End of June)

  • Multiplayer enhancements (lag hiding, better pvp/forces support)
  • First part of the endgame content. (Build rocket and send it to space).
  • Chain signals (trains).
  • Combinator and more circuit logic.
  • Personal roboport
  • Optimisation of the game simulation speed (mainly transport belt simulation)
  • New graphics of combat robots
  • Attempt of steam integration

Factorio 0.13 (2015)

  • Second part of the endgame (space platform building)
  • (maybe) Proper tech tree.
  • (maybe) Oil extension (boiler for oil, oil wagon).
  • Remake of turrets. Also new type of turrets.
  • Fight revisit (balancing, tanks more enemies variety, ...)
  • Better rail building.
  • Power switches.
  • Steam Integration (February 2016)

... Previous versions