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This is a copy of the official roadmap which can be found on the forums.

Refer to Roadmap/History for past versions of the roadmap and to upcoming features for a more detailed list of upcoming features.

There may be more features than there are on this roadmap. It's also not guaranteed everything will be implemented (Golden rule: everything takes longer than expected).

Factorio 0.18

  • Rest of the major GUI rewrites.
    • Character GUI, Blueprint library, etc.
  • More High-res entities/Redesigns.
  • Some New/High-res icons.
  • More Modding/Scripting features.
  • More Map editor features.
  • Mini tutorials
    • Improved quality
    • Cover the rest of the game mechanics
  • Final GUI improvement. Finishing the rest of the GUIs in the game.
  • Final game balancing
  • High-Resolution sprites for the rest of the game, including few changes to some entities.
  • Final Graphical tweaks.
  • Better sound design.

Factorio 1.0

Date: 25th September 2020

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