This wiki is about 0.17, the current experimental version of Factorio.

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This is a copy of the official roadmap which can be found on the forums.

Refer to Roadmap/History for past versions of the roadmap and to upcoming features for a more detailed list of upcoming features.


The Roadmap has been updated for one release upfront.

Please keep in mind that Wube will release updates when they are ready, usually later than the date on their roadmap. There may be more features than there are on this roadmap. It's also not guaranteed everything will be implemented (Golden rule: everything takes longer than expected).

Factorio 0.17 (February 2019)

  • GUI rewrite
    • Improve the looks of the GUI
    • Change the way it works
  • New graphics back-end, SDL, OpenGL, DX11, v-sync fix, texture streaming, VRAM usage optimizations, shaders.
  • Mod integration improvements
    • Syncing mods with multiplayer game
    • Mod browsing improvements
      • Show the mod picture and more smaller things
  • Map editor improvements, both technical and usability wise - completely new editor
  • Map generator improvements and fixes, autoplace specification improvements and documentation
  • Rich text.
  • Robot construction tools.
  • More high-resolution sprites, notably walls, gates, turrets, belts, biters, spawners, electric poles.
  • Better fluid physics.
  • Many modding and scripting additions.

Factorio 0.18

  • Mini tutorials
    • Improved quality
    • Cover the rest of the game mechanics
  • New tutorial
  • New campaign
  • Final game balancing
  • High-Resolution sprites for the rest of the game, including few changes to some entities.
  • Final GUI improvement. Finishing the rest of the GUIs in the game.

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