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A recipe. It can be a crafting recipe, a smelting recipe, or a custom type of recipe (see Prototype/RecipeCategory).



Type: Types/string

Must be "recipe".


Type: Types/string

The unique name of this recipe.


Type: Types/table

A table containing ingredient names and counts. For example:

ingredients = {{"iron-stick", 2}, {"iron-plate", 3}}


Type: Types/string

Can be replaced with the results parameter. The item created by this recipe. Must be the name of an item, such as "iron-gear-wheel".


Type: Types/unsigned

Optional. The number of items created by this recipe. The default is 1.


Type: Types/table

A table containing result names and counts. For example:

      {type="fluid", name="heavy-oil", amount=3},
      {type="fluid", name="light-oil", amount=3},
      {type="fluid", name="petroleum-gas", amount=4}
results = 
      {type = "item", name = "iron-nuggets", amount = 9},
      {type = "item", name = "gold-nuggets", amount = 1}


Type: Types/string

Optional. The category of this recipe. The default is "crafting". Built-in categories are "crafting" and "smelting"; mods can add other categories. See Prototype/RecipeCategory.


Type: Types/unsigned

Optional. The amount of time it takes to make this recipe. The default appears to be 0.5 (confirm).

For crafting recipes, this is the number of seconds it takes to craft. For smelting recipes, this is a percentage of the default smelting time. Most smelting recipes use 100, but steel plates use 500.


Type: Types/string (!)

Optional. This can be "false" to disable the recipe at the start of the game, or "true" to leave it enabled. The default is "true".

If your recipe is unlocked by a technology, you should set this to "false".