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Power switch

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Power switch/infobox

New in version 0.13, the power switch is a machine that can be used to toggle sections of a power grid off and on. This can be used for control of machines by dynamically shutting off and enabling power flow.


The power switch allows unlimited amounts of electricity to flow through it when active. It can be connected to the circuit network to toggle it enabled and disabled.

However, it must be manually connected between two networks in order to function. To do this, find two poles that bridge the two networks. Then, Shift+Left click the two poles to detach the copper wires from them. Connect one network to one side of the switch with copper cable, then connect the other network on the other side of the switch. Reconnect the two poles to their networks. Ensure there is no other bridge between the two networks, other than the switch.

When enabled and working, the sprite will show sparks emitting from the machine.

An example gif of the power switch in action

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