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Oil processing was included in v0.9 to Factorio. It introduced new types of pipes, as well as refinery, chemical plant and several products, a new tech-tree and the handling of liquids.

This is also the reason, why this docs are not complete yet. Please refer to the following pages:


Pumpjacks mine the crude oil from the oil spills, and let you carry it by Pipe as seen in the Liquid network/0.9
Oil refinery Refine Crude oil into basic oil products (Heavy-/Light oil and Petroleum gas.
Chemical plant Like the Assembling machine, used to automate processing of liquids.
Storage Tank Stores up to 2500 units of liquid.
Small Pump Allows you to pump liquids from one area to another. Used inline.
Allows you to pump water up from a body of water.
Assembling machine 2 Assembling machine 3 Allows you to craft items using liquids, used mainly for Oil barrels.
Allows transporting of liquids from one location to another.
[[Underground Pipe|Underground Pipe]] A Pipe, but under the ground, acting similar to Underground belts.


There is a lot of research that is available regarding oil processing. To start, you only need to have Oil processing. You can then get a crude oil production &processing facility set up while you wait for the other research to be completed.

Oil processing
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Requires: Steel processing|- Allows: Fluid handling Advanced oil processing
Sulfur processing Plastics Flammables|-
Pumpjack Oil refinery Chemical plant Oil processing Solid fuel Soild fuel Solid fuel

Fluid Handling: (30 TIME + 1* Science Pack 1 + 1* Science Pack 2)*75 Allows the construction of Storage Tank, Small Pump, and the creation, filling and emptying of Barrels. You can use Barrels to store and physically transport 25*Crude oil as a solid item, and later 'unpack' it back into a fluid form in Assembling Machine 2 or Assembling Machine 3. (Only with Crude Oil)

Advanced Oil Processing: (30 TIME + 1* Science Pack 1 + 1* Science Pack 2 + 1* Science Pack 3 )*75 Allows a new recipe for prossecing oil, and unlocks Cracking.

Sulfur Processing: (30 TIME + 1* Science Pack 1 + 1* Science Pack 2)*100 Allows the prossecing of Sulfur and Sulfuric acid. Necessary for reserching and building Battery.

Plastics: (30 TIME + 1* Science Pack 1 + 1* Science Pack 2)*100 Allows construction of Plastic (Intermidiate product)


Pumpjacks mine the Crude oil from the oil spills. Oil refinery processes the Crude oil to Oil fractions. Chemical plant processes the oil fractions to useful Oil products.

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