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* [[Migration scripts]]
* [[Migration scripts]]
* [[Modding FAQ]]
* [[Modding FAQ]]
* [[Modding Tutorial]]

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'Diagram of entities' (objects on the map) class inheritance structure generated by doxygen. Taken From Friday Facts #18 http://www.factorio.com/blog/post/fff-18

Modding is one of Factorios greatest features. A good overview is the list of mods or the Factorio forum.

A good starting point is also the modding-Help-Board. The community is always answering to concrete questions. Sometimes within minutes. Or you could try the Modding FAQ page.

An often asked question is how to make a scenario (something which can be edited in the map-editor) from a map: Factorio can convert them:

./bin/prod/factorio --map2scenario mapfoo

More about the client parameters

Another first step is also making maps with the ingame editor. That stores the map as a scenario, which is just a directory on disk with some files in it. You can look into that files and try to understand, what they are for. Or you can read the following pages: