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Mining drills are used to automate the extraction of resources. Drills are the first step to automate manufaction, although most resources have to be smelted in a furnace for further usage.

Mining Speed Formula

Metal and mineral resources have a "mining hardness" rating. The rate at which they are produced is given by:

(Mining power - Mining hardness) * Mining speed / Mining time = Production rate (in resource/sec)

To calculate the time needed for one resource-item use this formula:

Mining time / ((Mining power - Mining hardness) * Mining speed) = Seconds for one resource item

Mining power and speed are functions of the miner while hardness and time are functions of the metal or mineral you are currently mining (you can place a miner over a mixed field).

See also Calculate Time for production?.

Drill types

Item Total raw Mining power Mining speed Max power Covered area Max heath
Burner mining drill
2.5 0.35 300 kW (burner) 2 x 2 100
Electric mining drill
Placeholder icon.png
Placeholder icon.png
3 0.5 90 kW (electric) 5 x 5 300

Note, that the Burner mining drill covers exactly its size (2x2, and so covered area is also just 2x2), while the Electric mining drill is one tile bigger (size is 3x3, but covered area is 5x5). Place Electric mining drills in the centre of resource-fields as narrow as possible, but at the borders of the field, more loosely to get a more continuous throughput by having more equal resources per miner.


Unlike most other equipment, mining drills will output resources directly without the need of inserters. This includes Transport belts, Chests, other mining drills (makes only sense for Burner mining drill), Furnaces, Assembling machines etc.

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