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Template:Liquid Lubricant is a liquid converted from Heavy Oil in a Chemical plant.

It is used in the production of Express Transport Belt, Express Splitters, and Electric Engine Units.

Converted by: + =>


  • Since Lubricant is only used for blue belts and electric engines, and the only other use of Heavy Oil is flamethrower ammo (production of which is either best placed in your oil refinery or elided entirely) and cracking into Light Oil (the Heavy Oil to Solid fuel production ratio is terrible compared to cracking it first), you may want to consider placing your production of robots and belt assembly nearby your oil refineries, so lubricant doesn't need to be sent as far.
  • If you run your Heavy Oil pipe from the refineries past a Lubricant-making Chemical Plant before sending it to the cracking Chemical Plants, you can be sure that the Lubricant production will have priority over cracking.
  • Most games will only ever need one lubricant-producing Chemical Plant and one Storage Tank for the lubricant.

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