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Logistic robot

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Logistic robot/infobox

Logistic robots are autonomous floating devices capable of transporting resources in a Logistic network.

Logistic robots are higher priority targets for Biters than Pollution-producing buildings. Logistic robots have no means of defending themselves and do not run when they encounter enemies, so Turrets should be used to protect them.

The following upgrades affect Logistic robots:

Capacity: Increased by 1 for every level of Logistic robot cargo size
Item Stack Size (pickup speed): Increased by 1 for every level of Inserter item stack size bonus
Movement speed: Increased by up to 240% with Logistic robot speed


Main article: Achievements

Logistic robots are directly connected to the following achievements:

You've got a package
Supply the player by logistic robot.
Delivery service
Supply the player with 10k items delivered with logistic robots

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