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Game modes and options

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This page is a list of all current game-modes in Factorio.

  • Singleplayer
The base game. Play alone, building your base and defending it from the enemy native life!
Play Factorio with friends and build your factory together.
Play pre-built scenarios made by users or the developers. Included with the base game:
Freeplay - Normal single player - launch a satellite to win.
PvP - Blow up your friends.
Sandbox - Free-form play, various cheats available to skip to the stage you want to build.
Supply Challenge - Timed challenge to produce and deliver specified items for each level.
Team Production - Multiplayer challenge scenario where teams compete on randomised tasks including item production or research.
Wave Defense - Defend your rocket silo for 20 waves and launch a satellite into space.
Play the set of scenarios that come with the game by default. The closest thing to a story Factorio has.
Introduction - Tutorial on various entry level mechanics like crafting, mining and research.
Transport belt madness - Test your belt layout skills by connecting chests on a small island
Tight spot - Buy land and machines, sell your final product.