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Fuel can be inserted into burner devices and burned to power them. Different types of Fuel provide different amounts of energy, measured in megajoules (MJ). A megajoule (MJ) is equivalent to one megawatt second (MWs), so dividing the megajoule (MJ) value by the power consumption in megawatts (MW) gives the time the fuel will last.


This is a list of all Items usable as Fuel in burner devices, ordered by fuel value:

Item Fuel value Fuel value per raw total
2 MJ 4 MJ per raw wood
Raw wood 4 MJ 4 MJ per raw wood
Small electric pole 4 MJ 4MJ per raw wood
Wooden chest 6 MJ 3 MJ per raw wood
8 MJ 8 MJ per coal
Solid fuel 25 MJ 20 MJ per unit of Crude oil *
Rocket fuel.png
Rocket fuel
225 MJ
Uranium fuel cell.png
Uranium fuel cell
8 GJ¹

(*) This assumes the Crude oil is processed completely into Solid fuel, using Advanced oil processing and Heavy oil cracking as intermediate steps, but not Light oil cracking. Less efficient methods are possible. In practice, the Petroleum Gas part of processed crude oil is more likely to be used for something other than Solid fuel.

(¹) This fuel type can only be used in a nuclear reactor. Unlike other fuel types, it can't be placed into standard burners.

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