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Fuel can be inserted into burner devices and burned to power them. Different types of fuel provide different amounts of energy, measured in megajoules (MJ).


This is a list of all items usable as fuel in burner devices, ordered by fuel value:

Item Fuel value Fuel value per raw total Vehicle acceleration bonus Vehicle max speed
2 MJ 4 MJ per raw wood 100% 259.2 km/h
Raw wood
4 MJ 4 MJ per raw wood 100% 259.2 km/h
Small electric pole.png
Small electric pole
4 MJ 4 MJ per raw wood 100% 259.2 km/h
Wooden chest.png
Wooden chest
6 MJ 3 MJ per raw wood 100% 259.2 km/h
8 MJ 8 MJ per coal 100% 259.2 km/h
Solid fuel.png
Solid fuel
25 MJ 2 MJ per unit of crude oil1 120% 272.2 km/h
Rocket fuel.png
Rocket fuel
225 MJ 1.8 MJ per unit of crude oil1 180% 298.1 km/h
Uranium fuel cell.png
Uranium fuel cell
8 GJ2 507 MJ per uranium ore3 Unusable Unusable

(1) This assumes the crude oil is processed completely into solid fuel using advanced oil processing and heavy oil cracking as intermediate steps, but not light oil cracking. More efficient methods are possible. In practice, the petroleum gas is more likely to be used for something other than solid fuel.

(2) This fuel type can only be used in a nuclear reactor. Unlike other fuel types, it cannot be placed into standard burners.

(3) Assuming that all U-238 is enriched, all used up cells are reprocessed, and there is no reactor neighbor bonus.


The following formula can be used to find how long a fuel will last in a device: Burn time (s) = Fuel value (MJ) / Energy consumption (MW)

For example, when using coal in a burner inserter with an energy consumption of 188 kW (or 0.188 MW): Burn time = 8 / 0.188

we find that the burn time is approximately 42.55 seconds.


  • 0.15.0:
    • Fuel type affects vehicle acceleration and top speed.

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