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Flamethrower turret

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Flamethrower turret/infobox

New in version 0.13, Flamethrower turrets provide literal fire support, setting enemies on fire and doing damage over time. Unlike the previous turrets, they have a limited firing arc, therefore should be place at choke points or behind walls. They use liquids as ammunition, which requires dedicated fluid pumping, capable of using crude oil, heavy oil, or light oil. Different liquids provide further damage bonuses:

Ammunition Effect
Crude Oil 100% Damage
Heavy Oil 105% Damage
Light Oil 110% Damage

Currently, flamethrower turrets have a tendency to miss the first row of biters, as unlike the laser and gun turrets they do not have a seeking projectile, instead firing over the heads of the first row. Due to this, gun/laser turrets will be necessary in addition to flame turrets. The second biters in line will not be so lucky, however. When fully upgraded, Flamethrower turrets are capable of doing 145.2/s Fire damage plus an additional 217.8/s damage for 8 seconds. This makes them far more powerful than the gun turret or the laser turret, especially considering Biters' lack of resistance to fire. The high damage cheapens the cost of liquids.

The optimal attack for flamethrower turrets to handle would be a very linear attack, where the enemy attacked in a line formation, to ensure most attackers end up walking through the pool of fire left by the turret.


  • 0.13.0:
    • Introduced.
    • Damage upgrade technology introduced.

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