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|input=Time, 0.5 + Transport Belt + Iron Gear Wheel, 5
|input=Time, 0.5 + Transport Belt + Iron Gear Wheel, 5

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The Fast transport belt is a faster variant of the Basic transport belt. It's available when Logistics 2 has been researched. Its behaviour is exactly the same as the Basic transport belt at double speed.
See Belt transport system for more general information about transport belts.


Type Max. throughput (Items per game-second) Speed (Tiles per game-second) Max. density (Items per tile) Required technologies
Fast transport belt 26.786* 3.75* 7.143* Logistics 2

File:Fast transport belt fulldensity.gif
6 Fast inserters per side will fill a fast transport belt to max. density
File:Fast Transport belt layout1.jpg
Iron plate.png
/ per game second. Output:
Fast transport belt.png
/ per game second.

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