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#REDIRECT [[Factorio:Editor noticeboard]]
Be sure to check the '''[[Talk:Wiki To-do List|Talk page]]''' to join in the discussion on major wiki projects!
== General Maintenence ==
These items should be checked over periodically to ensure a well organized wiki. Color coding shows how badly each needs to be done.<br/>
<div style="float:right; border: 3px solid gray; width: 275px;">
<div style="border-bottom:3px solid gray; background-color:lightgray; text-align: center;">'''COLOR KEY'''</div>
{{StatusDecay| now - 2 days}} = Checked in the last week.<br/>
{{StatusDecay| now - 8 days}} = Checked in the last two weeks.<br/>
{{StatusDecay| now - 3 weeks}} = Checked in the last month. <br/>
{{StatusDecay| now - 5 weeks}} = Checked more than a month ago.
<span style="font-size: 12px">NOTE: ''After completely checking over an item, please update the date for the StatusDecay template with the current date.''</span>
            \DATE BELOW HERE/
            \            /                                                    -->
{{StatusDecay|May 15 2014}} '''[[:Category:Article stubs|Article stubs]]''' - Expand and improve these pages.
{{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} '''[[:Category:Candidates for deletion|Candidates for deletion]]''' - Can page be expanded and saved or merged?
{{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} '''[[Special:WantedPages|WantedPages]]''' - Create these pages or correct links which should go to pages that already exist.
{{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} '''[[Special:LonelyPages|LonelyPages]]''' - Find pages and categories that these pages should be linked from or included in.
{{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} '''[[Special:AncientPages|AncientPages]]''' - Check over these to make sure they are still relevant and up to date.
{{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} '''[[Special:NewPages|NewPages]]''' - Check to make sure they're both informative ''and'' relevant.
{{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} '''[[Special:UncategorizedPages|UncategorizedPages]]''' - Try to put every page into at least one category. Don't create new categories for only one or two pages.
{{StatusDecay|April 1 2014}} '''[[Special:UncategorizedFiles|UncategorizedFiles]]''' - Same concept as uncategorized pages.
== Special Projects ==
These are items which can be "checked off" once completed, and are not recurring.
# Standardize alternate language pages. Perhaps different languages should have their own namespaces.
# Go through existing Categories to make sure the structure makes sense and is cohesive.
# Create a [[Quick Start Guide]] to help players to go from beginning to advanced.
== Completed Items ==
Things that are done!

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