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Distractor robots being spawned and holding position.

An advanced capsule which, when used, will spawn three Distractor robots at the players cursor. Distractors have infinite laser energy and will hold their general position, attacking any enemies that come within range, until they are destroyed or their lifespans elapse. To use; place the capsule in a quick-bar slot and press the corresponding quick-slot key. The capsule will fly to the position of the cursor and deploy.


Distractor robots can be useful for providing temporary defense for weak or undefended areas during Biter attacks. They are also very useful for drawing the fire of enemy worms while attacking Biter bases. Simply fire one or more Distractor capsules into the midst of enemy worms and, as long as they have not already targeted the player, the worms will prioritize killing the Distractors.

Count Limit


Since the Distractor robot is stationary, it is unaffected by and does not count toward the Follower robot count limit imposed on other Combat Robots. The number of concurrently spawned Distractors is limited only by their lifespan, number of Defender Capsules carried, and delay in spawning.

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