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Main article: Achievements

The concept of damage is directly connected to the following achievements:

Take 500 damage in one hit and survive.
Destroy 10k trees with fire.
Run forrest run
Destroy 100 trees by impact.
Destroy 10 spawners by impact.
Watch your step
Get killed by moving locomotive.

Damage Types

Damage type Used by
Physical Bullets (regular/piercing), shotgun (regular/piercing), biters, axe (iron/steel), collision (of train/car)
Fire Flamethrower
Acid Worm Turrets, Spitters
Poison Poison capsule
Explosion Rockets, Explosive Rockets
Laser Laser turrets, distraction/destroyer robots, personal laser defense


Resistance has two aspects:

Percentual resistance

Is applied first and will just reduce the damage by the specified amount of percent. If the percentage is 100%, the entity is immune to the damage.

Decrease resistance

It decreases the damage by specified number as long as the result damage wouldn't be less than zero. When the result damage would get less than 0, the extra resistance is used as denominator in the fraction of damage that is going to be dealt


Decrease < Damage

Result damage = (Damage - Decrease) * (1 - Percentage)

Decrease >= Damage

Result damage = 1 / (2 + Decrease - Damage) * (1 - Percentage)

Damage Resistance Result damage (0% damage loss)
5 0 5
5 1 4
5 2 3
5 3 2
5 4 1
5 5 1/2
5 6 1/3
5 7 1/4
5 8 1/5
... ... ...