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Crude oil

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Crude oil/infobox

Main article: Oil processing

Crude Oil is a liquid extracted by Pumpjacks from Oil fields and is converted to Petroleum gas, Light oil, and Heavy oil by an Oil refinery. It can be transported either in pipes or in barrels.

It can also be used by Flamethrower turrets as ammo.

Oil field

Each oil field has a yield displayed as x%. Each percent is equal to 75 pumpjack cycles. An oil field with 80% has between 6000 and 6074 cycles left, as yield does not display decimal places.

While cycles left is greater than 750 (10%), each pumpjack cycle reduces the number of cycles left by one.

So unless an oil field with less than 10% is created by map editor, yield will never drop below 750 cycles.

The amount of oil a pumpjack extracts per cycle is 1.0 multiplied by yield or [number of uses left] / 7500, but not greater than 10.0.


  • 0.15.0:
    • Crude oil balancing: Halved the resource amount on the map Increased the minimum yield from 10% to 20% Halved the rate of depletion. Doubled the starting yield. Fixed that the mechanics of increasing richness with distance from start wasn't working for crude oil.

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