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Burner mining drill

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Burner mining drill/infobox

Mines about 7 resources per single unit of coal used to fuel it. Covers and mines in a 2x2 area. Mines 0.28/s of copper, coal or iron and .3675/s of stone. Burner miners create a lot of pollution per resource.


Interface of Burner-Mining-Drill.png

  1. Amount of Fuel in the Mining Drill
  2. Depletion of 1 Unit of Fuel
  3. Progress of Mining
  4. Product

Self-Sustaining Coal Mines

Both methods require no electricity.

Method 1

Two burner mining drills can refuel each other when placed next to each other on a coal deposit as long as they're facing each other. Each drill fuels the other and coal gradually accumulates in their Storage/Stacks, so you have effectively a storage of 100 coal (2 stack, 50 coal, one in each burner miner, together 100). You can do this also for 4 or any other even number of miners.

File:Early coal mining 1.jpg

Method 2

This method can be used for any number of burner mining drills in a coal deposit. Place a burner mining drill, then place at least three Transport belts from the output in a mirrored "L" like shape so that the third belt has a gap between it and the miner. Fill the gap with a Burner inserter in a way that the inserter can insert coal to the miner.


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