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Burner mining drill

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Mines about 7 resources per single unit of coal used to fuel it. Covers and mines in a 2x2 area. Mines 0.28/s of copper, coal or iron and .3675/s of stone. Burner miners create a lot of pollution per resource.

Self-Sustaining Coal Mines

Both methods use no electricity to work.

Method 1

Two burner mining drills can refuel each other, when placed next to each other on a coal deposit as long as they're facing each other. Each drill fuels the other and coal gradually accumulates in their Storage/Stacks, so you have effectively a storage of 100 coal (2 stack, 50 coal, one in each burner miner, together 100). You can do this also for 4 or any other even number of miners, though Electric Mining Drills are far more efficient once Electricity is available. You can also use chests and burner inserters to increase coal storage. Images: [1] (without chests) and [2](with chests).

Method 2

This method can be used for any number of burner mining drills in a coal deposit. Place a burner mining drill, then place at least three Transport belts from the output in a mirrored "L" like shape so that the third belt has a gap between it and the miner. Fill the gap with a Burner inserter in a way that the inserter can insert coal to the miner. Image: [3]

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