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Burner mining drill

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Template:Machinery Mines about 7 resources per single unit of coal used to fuel it. Covers and mines in a 2x2 area. Mines 0.28/s of copper, coal or iron and .3675/s of stone. Burner miners create a lot of pollution per resource.


Since v0.10.0 if placed on coal (any Fuel, but only coal makes sense) the burner mining drill uses some coal to feed it into itself.

This makes it excelent to be used without power consumption (distant, low power), but it creates more pollution!

Self refueling (Joseki)

2 burner mining drills can refuel each other, when placed next to each other on a coal deposit as long as they're facing each other. The drills feed themselves and store the overflowing coal in their Stacks, so you have effectively a storage of 100 coal (2 stack in each burner miner). You can do this also for 4 or any other even number of miners, but you normally don't need that much, cause then you already have reached Electricity.

This is also called "Joseki".

Note also, that with v0.10 the Burner inserters have changed so, that they can feed themselves.