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The Basic accumulator stores a limited amount of energy when available production exceeds demand, and releases it in the opposite case. The basic accumulator stores up to 5 MJ of energy. Charge/Discharge rate is 300 kW maximum.


  • 5MJ of stored energy take approximately 17s to fully charge/discharge at the maximum rate of 300kW. Read Game-second for further time related calculations.
  • When discharged above maximum speed by multiple unconnected poles, will distribute energy unequally (some may get 100% demand, others 0%)
  • May be used to provide limited amount of power (multiples of maximum charge rate) to a section of the grid
  • Produces light when charging and discharging
  • Can act as a emergency backup for your base in case of blackout, until main power supply is restored
  • Can be used to power the base at night if it relies heavily on solar panels
  • Can act as a "surge protector" (if power usage of one device exceeds production for a few seconds or so, the basic accumulator will compensate for this and provide power to the grid until said device shuts down or requires a lesser power requirement)

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High density accumulator array consisting of 48 basic accumulators and a Substation providing 240 MJ capacity.