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Inserts a block of color which automatically decays based on the time passed since the date provided as a parameter. Less than one week is gray, between one and two weeks is green, between two weeks a month is yellow, and more than a month is red. This is intended to keep track of tasks on the wiki to-do page. If no date, or an invalid date, is supplied, the indicator defaults to red.

Providing no date:

{{StatusDecay}} To-do Task

You get a red indicator:

 To-do Task

Providing various dates in the range of effect:

{{StatusDecay|December 12 2019}} To-do Task 1
{{StatusDecay|December 04 2019}} To-do Task 2
{{StatusDecay|November 21 2019}} To-do Task 3
{{StatusDecay|November 07 2019}} To-do Task 4

You get appropriate indicators:

 To-do Task 1
 To-do Task 2
 To-do Task 3
 To-do Task 4
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