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Refer to the Roadmap/History for the past.


The Roadmap has been updated for two releases upfront. Release 0.16 is given without an expected date for obvious reasons :).

Please keep in mind that Wube will release updates when they are ready, usually later than the date on their roadmap. There may be more features than there are on this roadmap. It's also not guaranteed everything will be implemented (Golden rule: everything takes longer than expected).


Factorio 0.15 (March (or later!))

  • Planned:
    • Nuclear power
    • Blueprint preservation (Export/import blueprints)
    • Update optimizations (belts + pipes)
    • Research Revolution
    • Multithreaded update (This is the first experiment with that, only some entities will get multithreaded update, we will probably improve it later on)
    • Liquid wagon + universal barrelling
    • High res graphics introduction (This means just some parts of the game will be in high res in this version)
    • New terrain
    • Gui reskin and possible improvements
    • Circuit network improvements and optimisations
    • Allow loading games with different mod settings (and automatically download the mods if necessary)
  • Maybe:
    • Scenario pack extension
    • Surprise with 8-10 legs
    • Interactive mini tutorials

Factorio 0.16

  • Planned:
    • Dirty mining. (Way to get more resources from mining posts at a cost of additional industry, logistics requirements and investment)
    • More high res stuff

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