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Where to download, (automatic) updates, experimental versions and their updates, additional content...

Installation (and choosing the right file to download)

See Install Guide.

  • Where are the files on hard disk after installation?

See Application Directory.


When not logged in, only the demo is available. After logging in to an account that has purchased Factorio, simply visit this site to download the latest stable version of Factorio.

Experimental versions (pre-alpha)

See above for stable versions, the URL is different for experimental downloads:

Automatic updates of stable/experimental versions

In order to automatically receive the newest experimental version of Factorio, changing the configs to allow automatic updates is necessary. You need to switch on "experimental updates" in your configuration to get the latest version!

See this video, which explains it in detail.

Experimental release is Unstable! The developers will fix nearly every error, but this takes time. It is highly recommended to make a backup of your saves (and installed mods, because they might not longer work with newer versions!) before you update. Keep in mind that you can test the ZIP-package, before you make an update of you current working installation.

If the game was installed via Steam or other game distribution platform, the game should automatically update to the newest stable version, and can be configured to automatically update the experimental version of the game.

Using a download manager to download Factorio

If you try to use a download manager (JDownloader for example) to download factorio, it will not work because factorio requires you to be logged in to download the game (and you will only be logged in on your browser and not on the download manager). To avoid this problem, you can use Flashgot.

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