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The Factorio Team October 2015 (taken from Friday Facts #109)

Sorted by the time of joining:

Nick Name Employment Comment
kovarex Michal full-time The founder, mainly programming, managing programming and generating game ideas.
slpwnd Tomas full-time The co-founder, mainly programming and managing, Tomas also takes care of most of the legal stuff, and shaves of the senseless ideas of kovarex.
Albert double full-time Art-director. The graphics guy, he is with us from the beginning.
cube / bluecube Kuba full-time Programmer and technical expert.
Daniel contractor He is Composing the music and sounds for Factorio in the UK.
Rseding91 full-time Programmer from the US, he is working only remotely.
Twinsen Robert full-time Programmer from Romania (that Romanian guy), he moved to Prague.
HanziQ Martin part-time Programmer.
posila Michal full-time Programmer.
Onyx Ondra full-time Programmer.
V453000 Václav full-time Graphic artist (see FFF #102).
Klonan Scott full-time PR/Community Manager (or "jack-of-all-non-dev-slash-gfx-trades", see FFF #121).
Mishka Michaela part-time Support team.
Jurek full-time Graphic artist.
Rrrola Honza full-time Programmer.
Harkonnen Denis full-time Programmer.
Jitka full-time Support team.

There is also still the hedgehog.

Left people:

Nick Name Comment
Pavel Was: The graphics department reinforcement.
Betka Bětka Was: PR/Office Manager.
Leon Was: Artist from Netherlands.