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The automatic control of many machines can be accomplished by connecting them to circuit and logistic networks. Connected machines can be configured to react to signals being sent over the networks.

Connection types

A drawing of a circuit network wire. Illustrates how many different signals can be sent through one wire.

There are two ways of connecting machines to each other that can be used to automatically control them.

Circuit networks

Circuit networks connect machines through red and green wires which makes it easy to create many networks close to each other. Circuit networks are not limited to sending item content but can also read states of other machines and transmit arbitrary signals. Signals can also be manipulated by combinators to create complex logic.

Logistic networks

Logistic networks connect machines wirelessly through supply areas of roboports. The supply areas of multiple roboports connect to form a logistic network. Within a logistic network the content of all active provider, passive provider and storage chests are broadcasted to other machines.


  • 0.13:
    • More machines can be connected to circuit networks